Getting Help with My Seasonal Allergies

At first I did not believe my friend when she told me that a visit to the chiropractor might help me with my allergies. I just did not see how the two things were related. I’ve taken medication for allergies for years, and the end result has always been little to no relief. I had given up on finding a solution, when my friend told me that I should check in with the Mesa chiropractor that she has been going to. She told me they do a lot of really interesting treatments that have been proven to work. I didn’t have anything to lose, so I decided to check it out.

After speaking with the doctor, I learned that hypersensitivity could be causing all of my problems. So, I could be suffering from a completely different issue than I initially thought. Or, it could be a combination of issues that I wasn’t aware of. My chiropractor is confident that several sessions with him will greatly reduce my nasal irritation, while at the same time improving my sensitivity to things that may be triggering me. (more…)

Dropping in to Meet the New Guy in Town Helped Me a Lot

There’s a chiropractor in Orland Park IL who has a beautiful office located on the street that I travel to and from each day. He was new to our city and started up his business a few months ago. So, while I was aware of him, I did not think of going to him for my aches and pains right away because I was so used to seeing doctors for these types of things. But what my doctor was doing for me was not helping. I could not tolerate the prescription he gave me for pain because of the annoying side effects. It was only when I felt that I couldn’t take the pain anymore that I decided to stop in to see what the chiropractor could offer me instead.

The day that I walked into the office, I was met by a cheery receptionist who told me that I could be seen that very day. She said they had a cancellation an hour before, and if I wanted to take a seat I could wait. (more…)

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